Yonkers Homeowners Take Their Stop UPS Fight to City Hall

Residents of the Grassy Sprain neighborhood are up in arms about UPS expansion that will include placing 24,000 gallons of combustible fuel yards from homes

A news story in the New York Post (8/11/20 -links below) which included video of a recent massive gas station explosion have heightened safety fears of the community adjacent to the UPS facility on Tuckahoe Rd. UPS’s extensive expansion plans include placing two 12,000 gallon above the ground fuel tanks in close proximity to residential homes. These plans are scheduled for an approval vote by the Yonkers Planning Board this Wednesday (8/19/20- Zoom Meeting 5:30PM )

Yonkers 6th District Councilman, Anthony Merante will be joined by Clare Gallagher, Community leader, Founder, StopUPS.org, Nick Plakas, Vice President of Winchester Village and residents where they will present their demands to the Yonkers Planning Board ahead of their scheduled meeting.

Councilman Merante said, “I heard the community’s fears and cries for help, and I have joined them in their fight. Our government is based on the principle of “For and By The people” and the community’s concerns must be heard and acted on.” Merante added, “We are not against UPS, we welcomed them to Yonkers what we are against is this massive expansion which is well beyond the scope of what was originally agreed to. I want to make it clear to UPS and the Planning Board that  the community will not go quietly into the night. We understand this is a David and Goliath fight, but we will use every means including the courts to Stop UPS!”

NY Post Link https://nypost.com/2020/08/11/fiery-explosion-at-russian-gas-station-injures-at-least-13/)

Video of gas station explosion link: https://youtu.be/RcXU7he51os

DATE:  Tuesday, August 18, 2020


PLACE:  Yonkers City Hall, 40 S, Broadway

MEDIA CONTACT: George Hudak, DigiWorks Media Group, Cell 203-300-7740.