Traffic Armageddon

Our neighborhood partnership hired Ferrandino & Associates Inc., a multi-disciplinary planning consulting firm providing an array of services to municipalities, private corporations, not-for-profit agencies, institutions and private developers. Here is their complete study, as we know that the City of Yonkers has not done an independent traffic study. This was confirmed at the July 15 Yonkers Planning Board meeting as is shown in the minutes, page 80-81 here: “in this case, it was more a matter of what Traffic Engineering accepted from the applicant versus a straight-up report.” In other words the applicant UPS threw their wish list at the wall and whatever stuck is the traffic study.

We have provided the Planning Board with our more thorough study of the impact of the refueling center. More importantly is what was learned through a back channel (Local 804, the UPS drivers’ union), who warned of significant potential impacts that could result based on their knowledge of the UPS planned utilization beginning as early as October of this year. They stated that as of October 16, 2020 there will be 170 routes (i.e., package trucks) operating out of the Center and, in the spring of 2021, there will be 225-250 routes/package trucks leaving the facility between 8:30 and 9:30 am. They added that there will be tractor trailers —or feeders — arriving at 2:00 am. Our previous August 15th review of the Frederick P. Clark/Hardesty & Hanover (FPC/H&H) studies placed the bulk of the feeders arriving between 4:00 and 6:00 AM.

The union business agents further estimated the number of future employees at the new UPS Yonkers Distribution Center at approximately 1,000. In their assessment of the proposed parking plans, they concluded that there will not be enough parking on the site, and that it can be expected that employees will be forced to park on adjacent local streets. That would certainly be an unacceptable impact on the surrounding neighborhood. The firm has provided additional analysis of this information in an addendum that we urge the Planning Board to take into consideration.

The firm’s range of consulting expertise includes comprehensive planning, land use and zoning studies, transportation planning, urban design, environmental planning, community development, economic development, housing, real estate market analysis, GIS and site feasibility. Vince Ferrandino, AICP, a certified planner and the Principal of the firm, was the former Commissioner of Planning and Development for the City of Mount Vernon and the Town of Greenburgh, NY and has served as the City Planner for the City of Peekskill. The firm has worked extensively in Westchester, including the City of Yonkers, where we have conducted SEQR reviews, planning, environmental and economic studies, most notably the controversial Ridge Hill Village SEQR review on behalf of the Yonkers City Council.