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The Yonkers Planning Board has a Special Meeting Scheduled for Wednesday August 19th at 5:30 pm and the UPS Site Plan proposal is on the agenda and up for a vote.

This is a conversion of a warehouse into a modern distribution center of major size. The scale and intensity of its operations will decrease our property values and negatively impact our everyday quality of life in our neighborhood.

Reasons the Yonkers Planning Board should give a positive declaration for an Environmental Impact Statement for the proposed site development at 555 Tuckahoe Road are listed below. [A positive declaration means that he proposed action may result in a significant adverse impact, and therefore, will require preparation of an environmental impact statement (EIS)]. The issues below have either been inadequately studied or not studies at all:

  1. Inadequate traffic impacts study. The study only focused on cars and trucks entering and exiting the facility and not the impact of increased traffic volume and intensity on the Tuckahoe Rd. corridor, from Central Avenue to Saw Mill River Road, especially during the months that school is in session.  A responsible traffic study needs to also consider potential for, and impacts of, truck staging on East Grassy Sprain Road. Study needs to address potential use of local residential streets to bypass the East Grassy Sprain Road-Tuckahoe Road intersection.  We don’t want Tuckahoe Road to become another Elmsford Route 9A/Rt 119 nightmare of traffic congestion.
  1. Impact on road surfaces and bridges especially on Tuckahoe Rd. and East Grassy Sprain Road with the addition of hundreds of cars and trucks in the area.   The Yonkers Water Department is often repairing the water main leakage at the Mountaindale Road & Tuckahoe Road intersection.  This area was just recently repaired, yet again. Increased truck traffic will only increase the frequency of water main leaks. We don’t want Tuckahoe Road to become the wavy, beat up road that Route 9A is in Elmsford.
  1. The negative impacts on ambient air quality from the addition of hundreds of cars and trucks in the area and the increased idling time for all vehicles due to slowed and stopped traffic.
  1. Noise pollution at all hours of the day and night in all directions.
  1. Light pollution from parking lots, and car and truck headlights as well as lights on buildings spilling over into the neighborhood.
  1. Glare from solar rooftop panels.
  2. With regards to the refueling depot We believe Refueling is not a listed permitted use.  Also, the impacts of fuel leakage from hundreds of refueling operations a day has not been addressed. Impacts of accidents with fuel tanker trucks as increased potential for accidents is natural with increased delivery frequency.  Risks for terrorist and anarchist attacks. A refueling depot in a residential neighborhood is unwise and unsafe.