Westchester Legislator Ruth Walter Adds Her Voice

After neighbors raised concerns about the size and scope of the UPS refueling center, Westchester Legislator Ruth Walter wrote a letter expressing solidarity with Councilman Merante and neighbors. You can read the letter as a PDF but the text follows:

Dear Mayor Spano, Yonkers City Council Members and Planning Board Chairman Roman Kozicky,

I am writing to express my concerns regarding the UPS facility being expanded on 555 Tuckahoe Road in Yonkers. I have received numerous emails and phone calls from our mutual constituents explaining why this construction would be harmful to the Mountaindale Road neighborhood.

Sensible reasons to reduce the proposed plan include but are not limited to: excess noise in a residential neighbourhood an increase in air pollution which will be even more impactful with the still-looming threat of COVID-19

I join Councilman Merante in asking that the amount of allowable tractor trailers at the site be reduced and no fueling station be permitted in this residential neighbourhood. I am glad that there have been changes made to the original plan, such as adding an underground storage tank design rather than above ground one and a new parking lot that can shield residents from light and noise.

Overall, I would like to see the expansion of the UPS facility be in such a way that would minimise the impact on the nearby residential community. The Mountaindale Road neighbourhood does not want to live in an industrial site. That’s not what they signed up for when they moved into this beautiful, quiet community. I am calling on the Yonkers City Planning Board to make these changes for the good of the community and constituents we serve.

I am happy to discuss this further and I can be reached at the address/email/phone below.

Ruth Walter Walter